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Top 10 Tips for Helping our Environment, Today


Here's some basic tips on how you can help our environment, today.


  1. Eat a well-balanced, whole food, plant-based (vegan) diet with as much organic, locally grown produce as you can afford.
  2. Use Public Transport as much as you can and Car Pool when you don’t.
  3. Buy products that don’t use plastic eg. stainless steel water bottles or coffee cups, reusable calico shopping bags. If you do get anything plastic, reuse as much as you can.
  4. Buy second-hand goods and items as much as you possibly can.
  5. Turn off all electrical appliances at the wall when they’re not in use.
  6. Turn off the lights when you’re not in the room.
  7. Take containers with you when you get takeaway or for leftovers.
  8. Don’t print emails unless you really need to.
  9. Support your local fruit and vegetable shops, especially if they’re organic - even better if veganic.
  10. Encourage companies, stores and brands who are doing the right thing by sending an email or letter to let them know that you appreciate that they use biodegradable takeaway containers, not give out plastic bags in their shop, use cardboard boxes instead of bags etc.

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