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Nov 19 2013
5 Combined Technologies that Would Change the Worl

While some may believe that it could take decades to change the shape of the planet for the better, the truth is it could take considerably less time than what you may think. The worst part about it is that the technology already exists for what needs to be done. Although humanity is making great strides to help ensure our survival as a species, it is still hindered by the prospect of profit. When these technologies are combined, the world itself could change in profound ways.

Photo from Dinner is Printed article

Written by Stephanie Green   
Nov 15 2013
Article in City North News

Thanks to everyone who came to our goodbye on Saturday! Especially to our wonderful performers: Renata, Tony Dean, Dean Love, and Unison Sound System.

City North News published an article in yesterday's paper about the end of the Green Earth Group era. Hope you like it:

View Online (page 13)

Written by Green Earth Group   
Oct 18 2013
Goodbye Green Earth Group - Indoor Picnic @ Albion

Green Earth Group started in 2009 to put on an all-vegan festival in Brisbane, Green Earth Festival in 2010 and then Green Earth Day in 2011.

This not-for-profit environmental awareness group has put on various events, outreach and ran this blog since the last festival. We will be finishing at the end of the year and want to celebrate our successes and achievements.

Please come along to our indoor picnic at Albion Peace Centre on Saturday 9 November from 10am. See the Acoustic Artists who are performing below.


Here's the poster:

FaceBook event.

Please spread the word - we would love to see you there.

Acoustic Artists (who've played for us over the years) performing on the day:

10am - Children's Entertainer, Renata
12pm - Tony Dean
1pm - Dean Love
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Sep 19 2013
The Climate Reality Project, Chicago 2013

In July 2013 I was privileged to be selected as one of 9 Australians to attend the Al Gore Climate Reality training in Chicago, Illinois. From around the globe over 1,200 attendees converged on the conference venue with one goal – to use every tool at our disposal to solve the climate crises.

One of the group photos taken with Al Gore

Written by Janelle Rees   
Aug 13 2013
Engaging Children About Sustainable Energy

In today's world, everywhere we look there is something about green sustainable methods to create energy. Whether this is displayed by the use of windmill turbines or covering the rooftops of homes in the form of solar panels, sustainable methods for energy surround us. Although some have labeled sustainable methods as "premature," it is difficult to argue the efficiency and potential savings these technologies have already developed in current society.

Written by Ken Myers   
Aug 07 2013
Easy steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle

One of the major challenges of the conscientious, environmentally-aware modern lifestyle is the fact that it is a moving target – and it can be exhausting. In all fairness, most people in the world have enough troubles just getting by, and the scale of your challenges is relative. Certainly people in developed countries have a higher standard of living and many more resources to draw on in their daily lives – but that does not mean that the daily challenge of working, raising a family, and living a responsible life is easier. 

Written by Rod Sheppard   
Jul 30 2013
Staging Effective Events & Engaging Volunteers

I gave a 60 minute workshop on Staging Effective Events & Engaging Volunteers at the North American Conference for Critical Animal Studies in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA on Saturday 22 June. See below for the handouts and video.

Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Jul 24 2013
Make being green part of your family plan

Far too often in our efforts to be responsible and forward-thinking, we become very pleased with ourselves. After all – we’re doing the right things. We’re pursuing energy efficiency in our homes, using energy efficient appliances and other energy saving products. We take short showers and we use the right light bulbs, we have everything in the house hooked into a standby power switch like the EcoSwitch, we wear sweaters in the winter and close the drapes in the summer and always have our thermostat set a few degrees higher or lower because we know the impact that can have. These are all good things. So what’s the problem?

 Simply put, there’s too much ‘I’ in those sentences.

Written by Rod Sheppard   
Jul 16 2013
Are You a Climate Change Skeptic?

There are points to both sides of climate change that help solidify those respective arguments. Can both sides of the coin be correct? It's hard to dispute the receding icecaps and the continuation of the melting of Peru's glaciers, but can it be attributed to man-made solutions or is this a natural occurrence of the planet? Regardless of what your points of view are, there is one inescapable point that everyone can agree on. Renewable energy sources are more efficient in cost as opposed to antiquated methods we use to generate power.

Written by Liz Nelson   
Jul 10 2013
One Billion in the Dark


Everything in this world is a matter of perspective. Whether you are rich or poor often has more to do with where you live than your actual income; someone earning $100,000 a year might be perceived as extremely rich in Mumbai, for example, but be firmly “middle income” in Manhattan. The same goes for our concepts of energy and being eco-friendly; in a nation like the United States or Australia where the cities and suburban areas are all wired up, the issue is conserving energy and living an efficient lifestyle centred around saving power and energy efficiency. But what about the more than one billion people in the world who currently still live without electric power? When we consider ways to save power, it’s all well and good to tackle personal use with things like an Ecoswitch or energy efficient appliances, but when you consider that the world’s energy grid is already overtaxed, we have to ask ourselves: Are we prepared for this onslaught?

Written by Rod Sheppard   
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